How to Test a Car Amplifier with a Multi Meter?

How to Test a Car Amplifier With a Multimeter

Planning a fun weekend with your friends? Want to go on a road trip? It might get boring if it is not complemented with loud music. Yes! The stereo of the car only had limited access to the sound. If you want to increase the volume you need to install an amplifier to the stereo.

But before you install an amplifier to the car, it is important that you test it. In order to test an amplifier, you need to have a multimeter. A multimeter is a device which helps in checking the frequency range of output and input signals from the amplifier.

A multimeter can be used to check various electronic tools in a single device. You can use it to check voltage, current, resistance as well as the frequency of any machine. But, the question arises, how to use this multimeter to check the signals of the amplifier?

This article will guide you with the answer to the question of how to test a car amplifier with a multimeter? We have underlined the simple steps involved in checking an amplifier with the help of a multimeter. So if you want to test the condition of the amplifier then carry on reading this article.

How to Test an Automobile Amplifier with the Help of a Multi-Meter?

It might sound sophisticated at first to test the amplifier of the car using a multimeter. But we have explained only the simple steps so that anyone can use this guide to have a routine check. So let’s start.

1. Choose Ideal Multi Meter

You need to get an ideal multimeter. The multimeter is easily available on hardware shop. You can also get it on the internet over different internet portals.

2. Configure The Multi Meter

How to Test a Car Amp for Power

Now the next step is to configure the multimeter. In this you need to carry out the following steps:

  • Set the Multi-Meter in VDC Mode

In a multimeter, you will find two different sections. One is termed as VDA which is voltage and alternating current. This combination is used to test electronic equipment which is running through the power supply of the house.

We will use the VDC model. This mode is used to test the appliances working on direct current such as the amplifier of the automobile.

  • Set the Wires

Along with the multimeter you must have received a group of wires. You need to lunge in the black wire in the common socket. The red wire is to be plunged in the socket with label A (amperage) on it.

Join the red wire on the socket which denotes higher rating.

  • Turn the Central Dial

Now turn the central dial to the given amperage settings which correspond the socket. There are very small chances that the amperage might look different. If not found that correctly you can check the manual.

3. Testing

The third step in the procedure is to test the amplifier with the help of an amp. So for this, you need to follow the below procedures:

  • Locating the Amp

The automobiles these days come preinstalled with amplifiers. The stereo has built-in amps located in any part of the car body. So you need to locate the amp of the car. For this, you can take the reference of the manual given to you. Now you check the following issues with the help of a multimeter:

  • The Power of the Amplifier

If you are wondering how to test a car amp for power, then you can check the fuse of the amplifier. If it does not look burned, you can check the voltage of the fuse using the amplifier.

  • Protect Mode of the Amplifier

Here you need to disconnect everything and turn on the amp. If it is on protect mode, there is an issue. If not check the speakers. You can check the wiring current using the multi meter.

  • How to Fix a Blown Amp

You can check the output frequency by plugging the multi meter wire in the output channel. If there is no signal then, the output has failed.

  • Distorted Output

You can check the distortion of the amplifier if the signal from the amplifier keeps on fluctuating.

  • Low Output

Get the voltage of the amplifier. If the amplifier goes off you need to check the voltage source. If the amplifier reads a voltage below 10V then you need to call for a service agent.

An amplifier is a device which helps in boosting up the amplitude of the sound wave coming out of the speaker. In an automobile, the best 4 channel car amplifier can help in boosting 2 different set of speakers at the same time. Now your road trips will not be boring anymore. Read this guide and test your amplifier yourself thereby saving the time and money of hiring a service agent.

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