How to Install an Amplifier in a Car?

How to Install an Amplifier In a Car

Planning a fun road trip with your friends or family but doesn’t know how to make it a fun one? What else than music can help in getting the group in the mood. Music is sound arranged in time. It targets the cells of the brains in such a way that you feel energetic and excited.

The stereo of the car can only produce the music on a certain level only. And if you are on a road trip you will never want the volume to be less. But what can you do to enhance the clarity as well as the volume of the music? This is when an amplifier comes into the picture.

An amplifier is a type of electronic device which when installed with the stereo of the car helps in boosting the power of the output signal. This way you can get an increased sound volume at the same level of volume. Also, the signal boosting helps in making the music clear.

But, the question is, how to install an amplifier in a car? In this article, we have explained to you in simple steps to carry out an amplifier installation process in an automobile. So if you want to install an amplifier to boost up the speaker volume, then carry on with this article.

How can You Install an Amplifier in a Car?

At first, you may think that an amplifier installation is the work of an expert. But no any person with a basic knowledge of electricity can carry out this installation. We have presented you with the simple steps explained below:

1. Items Required For Installation

Before we start with the process of installation, it is important to have a look at the items required for the installation.

  • Amplifier: The most basic requirement is an amplifier. It is recommended that you buy the best car amplifier in the market to get the best output.
  • Power Wire: It is important to choose the best power wire so that the amp can work properly. The usual length of the power wire is 16 to 20 feet. A wire lower than the mentioned preference will make the amp dysfunctional. You are also required to buy a ground wire which will ground the power source of the amplifier.
  • Fuse: The next step is to purchase a good fuse. The fuse helps in protecting the battery as well as the stereo system in the situation of failure. Different wires have different ratings hence you can choose your fuse in accordance with the length of the wire.
  • RCA Cables: The next important thing is the purchase of RCA cables. They help in connecting the amplifier with the speakers.

2. Amplifier Mounting

Car Amp Mounting Ideas

The next step is to find a place to mount the amplifier. For this, you can search for the different car amp mounting ideas. Amplifiers tend to generate heat. Hence, it is recommended that you mount them in an area with proper ventilation. Also, the distance from the stereo and the amp should be at least three feet. This reduces the sound disturbances. You install the amp on the following locations:

  • Over the firewall
  • Below the seat
  • Inside the trunk

3. Installation of Wires

The third step is to install the wires. The best place is to run the wires below the mat of the car. This will not disturb any of the passengers and will also be safe. You can also read a car amplifier wiring diagram installation guide available over the internet.

4. Connecting the Stereo with the Amplifier

Now begins the real installation process:

  • Unplug the Battery: The first step is to unplug the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Install the Amplifier: Mount the amp in the desired location.
  • Run the Power Wire: You now need to run the power wire from the battery of the car to the amp. This wire will power the amp from the battery.
  • Install the Fuse: Install the fuse. Remember to place the fuse in a place which is not far from the battery.
  • Power Wire Connection: Connect the power wire to the amplifier.
  • Ground Wire: Now do the most important step. Install the ground wire. It runs from the negative terminal of the amp. Do remember to get it in contact with the bare metal of the car.
  • Run the RCA Wires: Now plug in the RCA wire from the amplifier and connect it to the speakers.
  • Check the Signals: Now connect the negative terminal of the amp. Hence, check the signals by plugging in a CD in the stereo.

A road trip might get boring if you are not playing the songs that you love. Music also triggers the brain cells and keeps you energetic and active. But not all the stereo have the quality to do so. So by installing a good amplifier, you can boost up the volume of the speaker. This article will help you to install an amplifier in your car by yourself.

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