How to Hook Up a Car Amp?

How to Hook Up a Car Amp

Everyone has a dream of owning a car someday. A car is no more a vehicle for transport but there is more to that. Today, a car has all the luxurious amenities which a person can dream of. Starting from Wi-Fi, television, Bluetooth, back camera, airbags, air conditioners, and many other tools are installed in the car today.

Another most important thing which you will find in a car is the music system. It is the music which makes traveling more fun. Music is sound arranged in time. It helps in pumping up the energy. But, what if the music system of your car is not giving the level of volume which you love?

What will you need to increase the volume of the music system? Yes! You guessed it right. An amplifier is a machine which increases the amplitudes of the sound wave. So, now you can install an amplifier in your car and enjoy loud music.

Now, the question arises, how to hook up a car amp? We have provided the simple steps in this article. So if you are an avid lover of traveling and loud music. Then, read the article to and incorporate the loud music with traveling using an amplifier. So here we go.

How can you Install an Amplifier in Your Automobile?

The best car amplifier for bass amplifies the amplitude of the sound wave. This way you can get music output in more volume. The amplifier also brings out the details of the song in a more precise manner. Hence, if you want to install an automobile amplifier follow these simple steps:

Before we start with the installing process do remember these things in mind:

1. Search for a Place to Place the Amplifier

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The first thing to do while installing an amplifier is to search for space where you can store it. As the amplifier tends to get hot, you may find a place which does not affect the comfort of the passenger. The place should also be easily accessible.

2. Purchase the Necessary Kit

The car stereo amplifiers do not come with the proper installing kit. This kit is easily available in any of the e-commerce site or hardware stores.

3. Disconnect the Negative Terminal of the Car Battery

The first step is to plug out the negative terminal of the battery of the car. This will protect you from getting electric shocks. You will also protect the newly purchased amplifier.

4. Run the Power Cable from Battery to the Amplifier

  • You need to cut out the power cable in such a way that it easily covers the distance from battery to the fuse location.
  • Now strip out the insulations of the cable from both ends.
  • On one end you need to grip the link of the terminal with the wiring. On the other end, you need to join it to the fuse holder.
  • Now assemble the holder and the fuse correctly.
  • Now attach it to the positive terminal of the battery.

5. Run the Wire Through the Car

  • After connecting the power wire, you now need to place the fuse near the battery.
  • Now, run the wire through the firewall. This is what separates the compartment of the engine from the passenger’s compartment.
  • Now, place in the wire below the foot mat and take it to the position of the amplifier.

6. Run the Signal Cables and the Turn-On Wires

You can find the turn-on wire in the amp kit. It is usually blue in color. But you must confirm it with the manual present.

  • Connect the turn on wire to the stereo by running them from behind the dashboard.
  • The wire connects the lead of the stereo system.
  • Now plug in the RCA cables in the correct outputs.
  • If you are searching for ‘where do I hook up the remote wire for an amp’ then the answer lies in the next point.
  • Now run the turn-on and signal cables through the car but on the opposite side of the power wire. This prevents the electric noises.

7. Ground the Amplifier

The next step is to ground the amplifier. The ground wire of the amplifier should be in contact with the metal of the car.

8. Connect the Amp to the Speakers

The last step is to connect the amplifier to the signals. You need to use 16 or 14 gauge wires to connect the speaker.

The amplifier in cars helps in increasing the volume of the music. Now a fun road trip is not very far away. You can use this guide to install an amplifier in your car and enjoy the fun weekend with your friends and family.

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