How to Adjust Car Amplifier Settings?

How to Adjust Car Amplifier Settings

What to do at the weekend? Don’t have any idea? Why not have a road trip with the closest friends you have or with the family member. You will gain experience in traveling and have a fun weekend. But, the question arises, how to make traveling more exciting?

Singing songs while traveling is the second best option available. The first preference is still given to listening to music. Music keeps the body energized and charged. It can really make you feel alive and make moments more fun and enjoyable.

As suggested by a friend you have installed an amplifier in your car to boost up the volume of the speakers. Or do you have a pre-installed amplifier in your car? Amplifiers can look daunting at first. So if you are a beginner and don’t know how to adjust car amplifier settings then you are at the right place.

Car amplifiers are easy to control and use. We have outlined the simple steps for you to control the tuning of the amplifier. This article will act as a guide for you to understand the different settings of the automobile amplifier. If you want to know the control techniques of an amplifier then carry on reading this article.

How can you Adjust the Settings of an Amplifier in the Car?

You have bought the best amplifier for a car and have installed it in your vehicle. Does your amplifier give zero output when you play songs? Do not worry, we are here to help. The amplifier needs more than just installation. Hence, to get to know about the tuning of the amplifier read the steps mentioned below.


Before we start off it is important that we guide you with some scientific terms which will appear in this article. So it will be better for you to understand the steps in a better way.

  1. Gain: Gain is that setting of the amplifier which controls the sensitivity. In other words, you can adjust the gain to control the music distortions which is coming as an output from the speakers.
  2. Frequency: Frequency is the pitch on which the sound gets emitted from the speakers. You can easily found out the frequency option. The label of frequency is mentioned at the back of the speakers.
  3. High and Low Pass Filters: Pass filters are a type of frequency filters. It only lets high or low-frequency outputs.

So remember these terminologies as each of them will be used in the guide below. So now let’s start with the steps to control the settings of the car amplifier.

Control the Gain and Volume

In this setting you need to follow these steps:

  1. Switch off the systems.
  2. Disconnect the RCA cables and turn the speaker.
  3. Now turn the volume up to the maximum. Do not play any music. Note the number appearing on the head unit.
  4. Now turn the volume to 80% and get the stereo settings to “flat”.
  5. In the amp, turn the bass and gain to zero.
  6. Now play a track on the stereo and simultaneously turning the gain.
  7. Keep the gains turning till you hear distortion. After, hearing the distortion tune it back down to low.

This setting will answer the question about how to tune a mono block amp?

Turn the Frequencies

After you have adjusted the gain settings, now is the time to play with the frequencies. For this you need to carry out the following steps:

  1. If you have a subwoofer then you should use a low filter and for the rest woofers, you need to use the high filter.
  2. If you have a sub-woofer for tuning, set the frequency dial to the same number as that of the maximum rating mentioned on the sub-woofer.
  3. For other speakers, set the frequency filters to the lowest rating mentioned over them.

This setting will help you to get the answer for how to tune a car amp for mids and highs?

Tune in the Bass

How to Tune a Monoblock Amp

Are you amongst those who love having a piece of chest-thumping music? Then you need to play with the bass setting of the amplifier. The major contribution for the base comes from the woofer; hence do take a good look on them:

  1. Gain and bass don’t go hand in hand. So turn down the gain to increase the bass option.
  2. Two of the above-mentioned options should be carried out side by side. The aim is to get high bass without distortion.
  3. Keep it turning till you are satisfied with the bass quality.

Check the Gain Again

After all the frequency filters and bass are adjusted do tune in the gain again so that no distortion is produced while playing a song.

Fine Tuning

Reconnect the amplifier and check all the settings you have made. Try to turn the volume to 80%. If you have made worked properly then the volume will hit 80% mark without distortion.


A trip with friends might be boring if you don’t have the right quality of music. A good car  audio amplifier can help you in achieving a good volume of sound. So if you are new to this device and do not about the settings, then read the guide above and help us to assist you.

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