Best Car Audio Amplifier of 2021 Complete Reviews

Best Car Audio Amplifier Reviews

Cars have always been the most common mode of transpiration. They have been used to travel long distances as well as short distances. One city to another or work to home, cars is the easiest mode of transportation to use.

Moreover, while covering these distances, we tend to listen to music. However, this music only sounds good if it is linked with the best car audio amplifier. Without an amplifier, there is no enjoyment while playing well-known songs.

Choosing the best car audio amp may seem like a tremendous task, after all, there are in numerous amplifiers available. Nevertheless, we have made this task simpler for you by reviewing some of the best amplifiers.

Top 3 Car Audio Amplifier Comparison Chart

BOSS Audio R1100MK
The amplifier has a separate remote for the subwoofer control. Moreover, the compact size helps it to get stored in the deepest of the places.

Planet Audio AC1200
The amplifier has variable filters through which you can change the required settings easily. It is also thermal protection.

Ignite Audio
The amplifier has a peak power of 4000 watts. Along with this it also has a compact shape.

Car Audio Amplifier Reviews

Car amplifiers are commonly known for improving the sound quality of the stereo music being played in a car. Keeping in mind that the customers would like to purchase the best car audio amplifier ever made, we have compared 3 of the most distinguished amplifiers below.

1. BOSS Audio R1100MK

Amplifiers have been used for a very long time now. BOSS came up with this model of a car amplifier in 2016 giving a new outlook to the industry as a whole.

Product Highlights

Some features describing BOSS Audio R1100MK:

  • Compact Shape: The model dimensions are of a convenient size. Its dimensions allow it to fit perfectly under the seat of most cars.
  • Power Consumption: The maximum power consumed by this amplifier is 1100 Watts which make the product efficient to use.
  • Compatibility: This product can be installed in any of the common stereos that are used in cars. Without a compatible amplifier, it is irrelevant to buy an amplifier.

What We Liked About BOSS Audio R1100MK

The best part about this car amplifier is that it comes with a remote subwoofer control. This is a feature that is not available in most of the car amplifiers. Moreover, Boss also includes the amplifier installation kit with this product making It convenient for the users to install it in their cars.

What We Did Not Like About BOSS Audio R1100MK

The one disappointment in this product was that this product is not trappable. However, its installation manual describes how this should not be a problem for the customers.

Best Car Audio Amplifier Reviews

  • Compact Sizing
  • Remote for the subwoofer
  • Has an installation kit
  • No subsonic filter

2. Planet Audio AC1200

This car amplifier is made of Planet Audio coming under Class A/B amplifiers. These amplifiers are commonly known for producing a greater sound quality with a more efficient technique.

Product Highlights

Some of the properties in this product are:

  • Thermal Protection: The thermal protection circuit turns the amplifier off when it gets too hot, allowing it to cool down before switching on again
  • Variable Filters: This amplifier has both high-level as well as low-level inputs providing elasticity to build a virtual audio system.

What We Liked About Planet Audio AC1200

The most liked feature of the Planet Audio AC1200.4 Anarchy is the variable bass boost. This allows the users to adjust the low bass within the boost range, so the car ride is enjoyable.

What We Did Not Like About Planet Audio AC1200

Since the product does not come with a product manual, it becomes slightly difficult to install the product in your cars. However, this is available online, so it is not much of a problem.

Best Car Audio Amplifier Reviews

  • Variable bass boost
  • Switchable input sensitivity
  • The variable low pass filter
  • No product manual (hardcopy)

3. Ignite Audio Mono Block

Manufactured and produced by ignite, this product was launched in 2016-3 years ago. However, even today this is one of the best car audio amplifiers in the industry for car amplifiers.

Product Highlights

  • Design: This product has a suitable size that can fit in most of the cars. Furthermore, it is also compatible with the different car and stereos that have come up recently as well as in the past.
  • Input Sensitivity: Low-level input sensitivity makes sure that the car amplifier is safe and stays within a certain level of voltage.
  • Power Output: This product runs on a maximum power or 4000 watts making it highly efficient and resourceful.
  • Good Circuit Building: The circuit layout for this product is optimal for a car amplifier. In addition, this layout provides the best sound quality in terms of audio.

What We Liked About Ignite Audio Mono Block

Ignite Audio Mono Block has a fitting size which allows it to be fixed comfortably below the seat of your car. Additionally, it also has an optimal frequency response improving the audio in the car. Furthermore, its total harmonic distribution is also lesser than 1, which provides enhanced product usage.

What We Did Not Like About Ignite Audio Mono Block

The only setback in this product is its high price. While most car audio amplifiers range from $60 to $70, this product costs approximately $80. However, despite its high price, the performance of the product makes it worth the investment.

Best Car Audio Amp

  • Optimal circuit layout
  • Total harmonic distribution is less than one
  • Low-level input sensitivity
  • No wireless remote
  • High price

Final Verdict

All in all, it can be evaluated that each of the products has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, considering all the variable factors, it can be concluded that the best buy for the best car audio amplifier is Ignite Audio Mono Block. Despite its cost, the performance of the product is the best. There are many features in this product that are unavailable in the other two car amplifiers. For a more budgeted and low-cost car amplifier, the more suitable product would be Planet Audio AC1200.

The outstanding characteristics of this car amplifier take it a notch higher than BOSS Audio R1100MK. In conclusion, all three of these are the best car audio amplifier so purchasing either one will be a great boost in the music playing in your car.

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