Best Car Amplifier of 2021 Complete Reviews

Best Car Amplifier Reviews

Are you searching for the best car amplifier in the market today? Then you are in the right place.

The car is one of the most loved forms of traveling medium. If a person has to visit their relatives or friends who are living at a certain distance from their residence one often ends up taking a car ride.

If you are traveling for a good amount of distance, then it is a human tendency that you will get bored. Driving at night often gets the driver to sleep. A blink of an eye can put your life on stake. This was why the car manufacturers installed stereos in the cars.

The stereos helped in playing music. The music triggered the nerves of the human brain keeping them energized. This way one will not get bored. But the sound output from the pre-installed stores is very less.

If you are a fan of loud music then you should install an amplifier in the car. An amplifier is an electronic device which helps in boosting up the sound quality. It targets the frequency of the sound waves and hence makes it clearer and louder.

Hence, we have listed the products of the best car amplifier brands and compared them with each other. This way it will be easier for you to get the best from the market. So if you are looking to enhance the music of the stereo then carry on reading this article.

Top 5 Car Amplifier Comparison Chart

Rockford Fosgate R500X1 D
Aluminum heat sink along with MOSFET supply of power.

JL Audio JX1000
Compact body, versatile shape. It is also a class D car amplifier.

Alpine PDX-V9
It is a 5 channel amp, with the front control panel.

Kenwood KAC-M3004
Aesthetic body, along with conformal coating which adds up to the durability of the product.

Pioneer GM-D8601
Mono block car amp. It has a good integrated circuit along with variable filters. It is also a class D product.

Car Amplifier Reviews

Cars are one of the best modes for road trips. They not only provide you with a place to sleep but there are also many recreational facilities which are available. Such is the car amplifier which helps in triggering the music output from the speaker. This way one can achieve the best from the speakers.

We have reviewed the best amplifier for the car so that it gets easier for you to understand about the different product available in the market under the same niche.

1. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

The Rockford Fosgate R500X1D is one of the best in the market. It is a quality addition to the series of Rockford car amplifiers. It is a class D car amp. Hence, the level of output which a person will get would be of high stand standards.

Products Highlights

An outline of the features which the product has:

  • Heat Sink: The amplifier has an in-built aluminum heat sink. It helps in draining out the heat which the amplifier produces. This is one of the reasons why the amplifier is so adored in the market.
  • Power Supply: The amplifier has a MOSFET circuit for power supply. This way they can have a high power input to their systems.
  • Class D: It is a class D amplifier. This means that the sound output which this amplifier would provide would be great. One can make the full use of the speakers using this amplifier. The amplifier also has infrasonic filters.

What We Liked About Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

This amplifier is a class D product. This can make the full use of the speakers of the car. Moreover, the heat sink helps in keeping the amplifier cold.

What We Don’t Like About Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

The amplifier does not have a bass knob as well as the mounting hardware.

Best Amplifier for Car

  • Aluminum heat sink
  • MOSFET Supply for power
  • Class D
  • Compact Shape
  • No mounting hardware
  • Bass knob is absent

2. JL Audio JX1000

The JL Audio JX1000 is one of the best products produced by the company JL. It is one of the best amplifiers for cars in the market. It is a Class D product. You can get the best output from the speakers using this amplifier.

Products Highlights

The features which are there in this amplifier are:

  • Mono Block: This amplifier is a monoblock product. This means that the amplifier can charge up a single channel. This amplifier can be used to trigger the subs of the car.
  • Variable Boost: One can get a variable boosting option for their subs. The boosting can trigger the frequency to 45Hz with +12 decibels.
  • Compact Design: The product has a compact design. This way one can get a good amount of space from the amplifier. This is what makes it easy to install.

What We Liked About JL Audio JX1000

The amplifier is a monoblock 1 channel car amp. It is designed in a compact shape. The device can also produce bass boost which can vary.

What We Don’t Like About JL Audio JX1000

The amplifier does not have a heat sink.

Best Amplifier for Car Subwoofer

  • Aesthetic Design
  • Mono block
  • Variable Boost
  • No heat sink

3. Alpine PDX-V9

The Alpine PDX-V9 is taking over the market of 2019. Adding up to the product ranges of Alpine Electronics. The product has an aesthetic metallic color and a compact shape.

Products Highlights

The highlights of the feature it has:

  • 5 Channel: The Alpine amplifier is a 5 channel product. This means that the amplifier can trigger two different sets of speakers along with a sub. Hence, this product is for them who have a great love of high volume music.
  • Front Panel: Most of the amplifiers have a back control panel. This creates difficulty for the user to turn the device in order to change the settings of the amplifier. But this amplifier has a front control panel. Hence, it is easy to adjust the settings of the speaker.
  • Easy Installation: The amp is easy to install. It is compatible with many stereos in the market.
  • Aesthetic Body: The amp has an aesthetic design. This can take the heart of the user as well as the one who is witnessing it.

What We Liked About Alpine PDX-V9

The amplifier is one of the best mid-range products. One can get the best music from the 5 channel output. The front panel makes it easy to control.

What We Don’t Like About Alpine PDX-V9

The amp does not have a heat sink.

Best Car Amplifier

  • Good sound quality
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile
  • No heat sink

4. Kenwood KAC-M3004

The Kenwood KAC-M3004 is a master class product in terms of getting affected by the external environment. Designed and developed by Kenwood Corporation the car amp is one of its kind in the market.

Products Highlights

An overview of the features which it has is:

  • RMS Power: The amplifier has good RMS power. It denotes the amount of power which the speaker can handle.
  • Signal Sensing: As soon as an electrical signal is supplied to the amp. It turns on. This is what is called signal sensing. The car amp is made in such a way that it can auto-on itself.
  • Conformal Coating: The car amp often gets out of function due to the environmental conditions. This amplifier has an added layer of conformal coating. This adds up to making the device more effective from the natural environment. The layer acts as a barrier for the moisture and the damp air to enter the product.
  • Compact Size: The amp is compact in shape. This is why it can be easily adjusted in the deepest of the spaces.

What We Liked About Kenwood KAC-M3004

We liked the compact size of the amplifier along with its conformal layer of coating. This helps in saving the equipment from external damages. Also, the device has a signal sensing ability.

What We Don’t Like About Kenwood KAC-M3004

It does not have speaker level inputs.

  • Compact shape
  • An extra layer for protection
  • Signal sensing
  • Does not have speaker level input

5. Pioneer GM-D8601

Pioneer Corporation is one of the major dealers in car amps today. The Pioneer GM-D8601 is a product which is a perfectionist in its respective niche. With 1,600 watts of maximum output, the amplifier is a class D product.

Products Highlights

An overview of the features it has:

  • Class D: This car amp is a class D product. Each of the car amp which is developed under the name of Pioneer comes with a remote to adjust the level for boost. This makes it easier for those who do and does not loves chest thumping music.
  • Variable Filters: In order to provide extra flexibility to the product the manufacturer has provided with a low pass filter which is variable in nature. This is what makes it the best amplifier for car subwoofer.
  • Improved Design of Circuits: in order to prevent the breakdown of the circuits the digital amp has been blessed with a control system. This looks after the voltage deflections and hence protects it from getting damaged.

What We Liked About Pioneer GM-D8601

This product is one of the best car amps in the market today. Apart from the tag of the Pioneer, the product is a class D amplifier, having variable filters. The design of the amplifier is made in such a way that it can fit anywhere in the car.

What We Don’t Like About Pioneer GM-D8601

The amplifier does not have a heat sink.

  • Great circuit design
  • Variable filters
  • Class D product
  • Compact
  • No heat sink

Car Amplifier Buyer’s Guide

Today there are numerous products which are available in the market under a similar niche. The case is the same as the car amplifiers as well. Each of them accomplishes the same motive but still have different pricing. The reason behind it is that every amplifier has its own specific features.

Hence to get the best product in the market, a person should read a buyer’s guide for that product. In here, we have presented you with a good buyer’s guide for car amps which will help you in getting the best in the market.

Do look for the following features before buying a car amp:


One of the most important things to look for in a car amplifier is the power output which the device provides. An amplifier is a product which helps to trigger the frequency of the sound. Hence, good power output wattage means that the amp can give a high-quality sound from the speakers.


The channel of the amplifier defines the number of speakers or woofers it can trigger in the same point of time. A monoblock amplifier is a 1 channel product which can trigger only the subs of the car. A four channel and 5 channel amps can trigger two pairs of speakers and a subwoofer respectively. Hence, one should read about the channel and then buy the amp. This way they will make the full use of all the speakers which are present in the car.


One of the other factors to consider while buying a car amp is the durability. The car amplifier often gets affected by the external environment. This is the reason why one should always buy a durable product. This helps in understanding that it can maintain the quality of the music for a longer period of time.


Another important factor is compatibility. Yes! The amplifier needs to be compatible along with the stereo present in the car. This is the foremost thing to consider while choosing a car amplifier. One should never buy an amp without testing its compatibility, as this might turn out to be a waste of transaction.


The amplifier should be easy to install. This way one does not have to be an expert in this field. The ease of installation not only helps the owner to install the amp but also helps in removing it as soon as it gets dysfunctional.

Car Amplifier FAQs

What is a Car Amplifier?

A car amplifier is an electronic device which is installed to trigger the bass and sound quality of the music. This is beneficial for those who is a hardcore fan of loud music. By installing the car amplifier you will never feel dull while driving anymore. The car amplifier can be easily availed from an online or an offline store.

What’s the Need of Car Amplifier?

We all love to listen to music while we are driving. It helps in triggering the energy within the body. Moreover, a person can concentrate while they are driving. But the stereo which is installed in the automobiles can only produce a level of sound quality.

This is why one needs to have a car amplifier. The amp helps in boosting up the sound level so that one can get the best output from their speakers.

How Does a Car Amplifier Work?

An amplifier is an electronic device that can level up the sound output. The car amplifier helps in enhancing the voltage output. The voltage or the sound signal which it receives is of much lower power. The circuits of the amplifier then trigger the frequency of the sound to much higher output so that one can get an enhanced level of music from the speakers.

How to Use a Car Amplifier?

The amplifier is a product which does not need any kind of expertise for being used. A person which a basic knowledge of the music system can easily handle the settings of the amplifier.

The amplifier can be adjusted for volume, sound, bass as well as frequency inputs. You can also adjust the music clarity. The buttons are located either at the backside or on the front side of the amp. By adjusting the buttons correctly you can get the best output from the device.

How to Install a Car Amplifier?

One of the major questions which are asked about the amplifier is to how to install it. Installing an amp is a very easy task. The first step is to find an accurate place for the amp to get installed. As the amp tends to eradicate heat one must have a clear understanding about the place where it should be installed.

Then adjust the fuse and plug in the wires. Connect the amp with the stereo. Remember that the stereo wire and the power wire should be kept at a distance of at least 3 feet to reduce noise triggering.

Final Verdict

In the above article, we have compared the top 5 car amplifiers available in the market today. After considering all the points we have decided to award the best car amplifier to product number 1. The Rockford Fosgate R500X1D is a product which has won our hearts. It has a MOSFET supply for power. Moreover, you get the aesthetic compact body, class D amplifier along with an aluminum heat sink. This is the reason why we have awarded it the best product in our list.

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